Prostate Arterial Embolisation

In simple terms this therapy which is starting to mature around the globe causes the prostate gland to shrink by obstructing the blood flow to the prostate gland. The shrinkage of the gland results in improved voiding symptoms. 

At Sunninghill, we offer this service to the whole African continent. The treatment is done under local anaesthetic and is an out-patient procedure. Tiny spheres, which block the minuscule arteries within the prostate gland, are introduced via a long catheter inserted into the main leg artery. This catheter is guided through the body to the main prostate arteries.

There is no effect on sexual function, there is no effect on urinary continence and long-term complications associated with traditional TURP such as stricture formation do not occur.

The doctors involved with the unit at Sunninghill underwent intensive training from an Internationally renowned expert before starting to treat patients without supervision. The Sunninghill unit is associated with the British society for prostate embolisation and will share its date to ensure standards are continuously maintained and upgraded.


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