Brachytherapy for Prostate Cancer

Brachytherapy has been a treatment modality for prostate cancer since the 1990’s. The technique matured over the next ten years to reach a pinnacle of excellence in the mid 2000’2 with real time dynamic feedback treatment that allowed the most accurate treatment of the gland without collateral damage to surrounding organs.

This practice was pivotal in setting this goal post. The initial training was undertaken overseas and our first patients treated in South Africa where overseen by the best practitioners of the art from the USA. That initial training stood the practice in good stead and we are proud of the high percentage of patients successfully treated with minimal side effects.

The Protect Study released last year in the UK shows that the outcomes for brachytherapy are as good as surgery for the treatment of prostate cancer. Treatment outcome is of vital importance. Brachytherapy, of course, allows almost immediate resumption of a patient's normal activities, which is not the case with surgery. Incontinence is not an issue and nor is erectile dysfunction in the first ten to fifteen years after treatment.

The improving imaging modalities of the prostate have allowed us to move into the realm of focal prostate treatment where much of the prostate remains unaffected by the radiation treatment. Focal therapy reduces potential side effects of the treatment for improved patient satisfaction.